Services We Provide

Curran Electric is your trusted electrical contractor. Our certified journeymen electricians have the expertise to deliver technical, cost-effective, and schedule-driven solutions. We take our commitment to quality very seriously, especially when the smallest shortcuts can lead to the largest problems. It’s not only the quality you see, but in our industry it’s the quality installation you can’t see that is the mark of great workmanship.

Service Examples

Areas of Experience & Expertise

Government Contract


Municipalities Contracts

Design Build for Municipalities and the Federal Government

Primary Transformer Assembly

Assembly & Commissioning of Primary Transformers

Pole Line Design

Pole Line Design
& Construction

Plant Distribution


School District

School District

Waste Water Facility

Waste Water
& Pumping Facilities

Airport Lighting

Airport Lighting
& Control

Ball Field Lighting

Ball Field & Large Area
Outdoor Lighting

Electric Projects

Electrical Projects that are Inherently Difficult